Friday 22 May 2015

First Staff Workshop in the ArtLab

Yesterday was the first staff workshop for the ArtLab, and attended by two staff members in the Dept of Art. This was a short (two hour) workshop to introduce the laser cutter, show what it's capabilities are and how to do some basic engraving and cutting. The task was to create a simple keyfob with engraved text, a simple engraved image, and a hole for the keyring. This example was chosen since it demonstrates image and text engraving, inner cut (for the hole) and an outer cut. The idea was demonstrated by Nic:

Nic showing the keyfob idea.

Showing the wooden example I made earlier.
The design on the keyfob was to be a soundwave that we recorded (of the Cube 3D printer making a lot of whirring and clunking noises), converted to a black and white 1-bit bitmap and then imported to LaserCut, plus text underneath.

Christine is importing the image file and adding text to the design to be uploaded to the laser cutter.

The design was then etched onto dark tinted acrylic, and cut out:

Christine's design etched onto tinted acrylic

The acrylic sheet on the laser cutter bed

the next workshop will be in June, and we will be showing the summer placement students (who will be working alongside us on the Creature in a Cup workshops) how to use some of the kit, including the 3D scanner, 3D printers and the laser cutter.

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