Sunday 5 October 2014

Interactive Sculpture Session REDLAND SCHOOL WORKSHOP 10.07.14

Members of the Interactive Sculpture group ran a workshop Creature in a Cup at Redlands School

Here is the brief sent to the school

 ‘Creature in a cup’ electronics and art workshop for schools

What it is about

This workshop will give you hands–on experience with technology, introducing you to simple electronics (using littleBits, explored through creative art based workshops. See some prototype creature’s here

What children will be doing

Using everyday materials, with an accompanying discussion of some ideas considering temporary, interactive artworks, you will create 'A Creature in a Cup'.
The electronics will give you the chance to bring your cup to life, (e.g. using littleBits your creature could make synthesised sounds in response to a sensor, could link to a series of LED lights, trigger movement, activate a motor... its up to your imagination).
We will explore how electronics can bring simple everyday materials to life, these creatures will exist for just for the workshop,  their movements, shapes, sounds will be captured in a short video recording their life cycle from cup to creature. We create a blog post documenting the day and showing the video of Cup Creatures in action.

When it will be, how many hours on how many days etc.
Workshop times to be arranged with school

What they need to provide?
Recycled containers such as paper/plastic cups, cardboard boxes, plastic water bottles, egg boxes etc
Any craft materials such as cloth, foil, feathers etc and tape, glue, scissors etc

We will provide

littleBits electronics kits, video recording equipment, laptop.

The teacher from Redlands School collected some feedback from staff and children about the workshop.  She also mentioned that the workshop has been used as a stimulus for work in literacy, writing information texts about the creatures the children created.

Many thanks to Katy Hathaway and to all the fantastic children from Redlands School

Redlands Primary School – Creatures in a Cup Workshop
Children’s feedback:
We loved:
making creature models
wiring the littlebits
sound effects (especially music)

The best bit was:
changing sounds
having the freedom to do anything you wanted
watching each others' presentations
drama at the end
making a male creature too
when everything came together and our creatures worked

We learnt:
how to connect littleBits to make them work
connecting different parts
electricity isn't always wires
how to make circuits and how they worked
the green bits always go at the end

It would be even better if:
It was longer!
explain at start of session how to use the stuff
clearer on when we needed to start making
using headphones for sounds (noisy)
keeping electric bits
more electric bits!
making whatever you wanted
you could come back again!

·      All children were completely immersed in the electronics and their creature creating.
·      Workshop really captured the imagination of girls and boys, and children who are normally quite quiet were animated and played a substantial role in their groups
·      High adult-pupil ratio meant that all groups were well supported in their exploration of littleBits and how they work
·      littleBits were excellent – intuitive, very well-suited to this age group and provided children hands-on experience of circuits and their practical use
·      the presentations and videos at the end gave the day purpose and captured the creatures in all their glory, before they were dismantled. Many children commented on how much they enjoyed this part of the day.
·      Scope for two days work rather than one, maybe first morning looking at littleBits in a more structured way, talking about how they work and what they can do (children got a lot out of their exploration of the components before creating their creatures), then planning and making their creature. The second day could focus on finishing off, presentations and film-making.

·      Excellent stimulus for follow-up work in literacy (we’re currently planning and writing information texts about our creatures!)

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