Saturday 26 July 2014

Widening Participation Summer Workshops 2014

Students from the Interactive Sculpture Workshop helped facilitate an event on Thursday 10 July 2014, Art and Design Portfolio Day, to  stimulate work for portfolio to apply to foundation or BA courses in Art. We offered the workshop 'Creature in a cup: interactive sculpture' more info about the day here 
Below is our final performance video and details of the development of the work made in one day.

We used littleBits electronics kits to introduce the idea of animating everyday objects to create challenging and different perspectives on everyday life.
 Fluxus and Surrealist art as were considered as a starting point, we also looked at the Fischli and Weiss video, 'The Way Things Go' We then discussed the kind of work we would make from there. The group worked towards a video event, experimenting with electronics and creating sculpture from everyday objects.
Our group were keen to create something loosely based on George Orwell's book Animal Farm that some had been reading for their GCSE, some were also keen to add an element of film horror to the work, we mentioned David Lynch's Eraserhead in discussion.
Starting with the idea of animating a paper cup this led to animating paper plates. The group decided to work together to create a dinner party for animals,

Judy Chicago's Dinner Party was 
also mentioned in our discussions. The performance was shared with other participants from the Art and Design Portfolio exhibition at the end of the day. 

'Animal Farm inspired Dinner Party’ 

Production Team: Alexander Eyles, Kajol Kumar and Gavin Larcombe from Long Close School Slough, Mia Willis, Will Thomas, Alia Coleman, Nic Hollinworth and Kate Allen from University of Reading.

FEEDBACK we received some email feedback from littleBits

Animal Farm Party 18th September 2014

Here at littleBits, we definitely LOVE your project and would definitely want to feature it! It is truly a work of art! What message were you all portraying, if you don't mind me asking? 

On a side note, can you possibly upload instructions to how some of the projects were made? I'm sure other enthusiasts would like to view how you all built your projects! 

Awesome Masterpiece! 


Calvin Robinson

Calvin Robinson
Office Manager | littleBits
Make Something that Does Something

Animal Farm Workshop 31 July 2014

Just saw your Animal Farm cool!! Would you be willing to post this as a workshop on our education page? Would be curious to learn more about the directive and how the students created their art. We are working on a new template for easier uploading, see attached, which should be live on our site in the near future.


Erin Mulcahy

Community and Program Manager | littleBits

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