Tuesday 8 March 2016

Creature in a Cup Workshop St Michaels Primary Tilehurst March 7th 2016

We were invited to St Michaels Primary by Janine Beckers the Art coordinator St Michaels Primary. She wrote to ask if we could suggest ways to make lessons more fun and exciting. We offered to run our Creature in a Cup workshop but we only had a 2 hour slot with the class so this was a new challenge to the ArtLab team. We kept the workshop idea but removed the story development about the creature for the performance. We hope the creatures might inspire some further story development. We shortened the time the pupils had to experiment with the electronics kits and build their creatures, but this didn’t stop the class making some fantastic kinetic creatures.

ArtLab team introduce the workshop
Class experiment with LittleBits
Class teacher Rachel Sims documents groups creature.
The pupils managed to get a lot done in the two hours as you can see from the following images and videos. 

Here are the five groups creatures with soundtrack created with Littlebits Synthkits.

The pupils worked together in groups to design a creature from three different animals, below are some of their drawings.

The following images show the creatures in development.

Ben with group
Anna with group
Amal with group
Sahar with group
Matthew with group

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