Friday 5 June 2015

Laser Cutter workshop 2

On Tuesday we held another session using the LS3060 laser cutter so that staff members in the Art Department at Reading University could try out the laser cutter. Those present were: Tina, Wendy and Nick. To kick off, there was a short demo to illustrate the basic process in which we engraved some text on a digestive biscuit, just for the fun of it:

The each participant at the workshop created a simple keyfob to illustrate three basic processes: engraving, inner cuts and outer cuts. Unfortunately, nobody took photos of them at the workshop (including me), so we'll have to add them later!

Note: we'll be doing a few more workshops for staff in Dept of Art if anyone reading this is interested. It can be anything from AutoCad basics, 3D Max, laser cutting and etching, and 3D printing.

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