Wednesday 4 March 2015

Brief design outline for workshop

Idea: create an engaging story such as a fairy-tale where little robots have to perform tasks to achieve the goal EG: find the treasure or rescue the princess.

How it works: A scene for a story is made using models and landscapes each robot is designed with a function such as one has the ability to grab or push, one could make a sound to scare off a magical dragon for example. As the story is told obstacles are placed which can be fix from the help of the robots.
The group will have to decide which robot will be the best to be used to overcome the obstacle for example there could be a boulder blocking the path which would need pushing away from the robot with that ability.
Character names could be given to each of the robots to make the workshop more fun and engaging to children.

Benefits of workshop

 After the story has been told children could still dismantle the robots to see how they work being asked questions such as why was this robot able to push, pull, sing etc etc ,  As the exercise is introduced in story form other elements can be incorporated to keep attention such as children can be asked to participate by clapping to give the robots confidence or costumes could be worn. Personalising the Robots into characters for the story may also encourage children to engage, Activities could be given after such as another story on paper where children have to fill in the blanks and decide for themselves which robot would be best suited for the task, encouraging them to think about logic and movement, design sheets could also be provided with basic templates allowing the children to modify the characters themselves.

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