Sunday 24 February 2013

Responding to sound issue

Ok, so I tried to do this:

... which tells you how to program the Arduino to respond to music/sound.
I got to step 3 and got very confused by all the files you have to download an then you have to put them into a library? (or something like that) Absolutely no idea?!

Prior to this, you are asked to plug in and download the software (Arduino - already got it). As soon as i had plugged it in just one LED illuminated and flashes randomly at different time intervals. That is all i have managed to make it do haha.

Any ideas?

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  1. The way that this particular Instructable works is by sending messages from Arduino to another application (Processing) via the serial port (in this case USB). This requires the installation and configuration of some libraries, which needs a bit more understanding of the two applications first. So ... before launching into this particular example, you might like to first download Processing and try some of the examples bundled with it. There are lots of sound/image apps which you can experiment with, and modify. Once you are a bit more familiar with Processing, then move onto sending messages between Arduino and Processing.

    Can have a look at how this is done in the next few workshops if you like.